Play Big Break Slot for Free

Game Description

If surfing is your passion, then Big Break video slot is the casino game you have been waiting for. This is a 5-reel, 15-payline title that features vibrant, colourful graphics and super-smooth gameplay. And it's got surfing monkeys in, did we mention that?! This game is available for free, but can also be played at a host of online casino sites with Magical Vegas Casino and Mr Smith Casino among the best picks.

There is plenty of fruity fun awaiting you on your reels. The Coconut is first up, and this pays at the rate of 5, 10 and 50 times your bet amount for matching three, four and five on your reels. And then there's the juicy goodness of the Kiwi Fruit, which rewards players with 6, 30 and 100 times their bet.

The tropical taste of the Mango is next up, and this earns players prizes of 5x for matching three, 15x for four and 75x for five on an active payline. The Papaya, packed with Vitamin C, delivers plenty of coins as well for three (8x), four (40x) and your five a day (120x).

Last of the fruit family is the one that members of the ape kingdom love more than any other: the Banana. You won't be slipping and sliding here with prizes of 10x, 50x and 150x helping to keep hunger at bay!